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Consent Form

Scan Purpose

Magical Views LTD is a provider of private non diagnostic obstetric ultrasound scans. Our aim is to provide families with the pleasure and privilege of seeing your unborn baby. We are exclusively staffed by Sonographers who hold advanced UK qualifications in Obstetric ultrasound. The sonographers are not looking for medical abnormalities, and do not make any diagnoses. We will provide a written wellbeing report. Please be aware that in no circumstances does this constitute a diagnosis of any kind.
You are advised that this scan does not replace any part of your NHS care and you should continue to attend all antenatal appointments.

Ultrasound safety

Ultrasound has been widely used in obstetrics for many decades and there is no evidence of any harm ever being caused by its use. The British Medical Ultrasound society has produced some safe use guidelines which we at magical views will follow. This guidance sets limits on the amount of time we will scan you for. We will also follow the ALARA principle which means that we keep the scan time as short as reasonably achievable to meet the goal of the scan. In this case the goal of the scan is to provide you with a bonding experience. For further information on the safety of Ultrasound please view the following government advice. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/ultrasound-what-it-is-how-it-works-and-the-impact-of-exposure/ultrasound-what-it-is-how-it-works-and-impact-of-exposure

You may also ask your sonographer who is fully trained in the safety of ultrasound and can answer your questions for you on this matter.


Magical Views Limited are not held responsible for any omissions, errors or mistakes as no scan is 100% accurate. This is a private scan which I have opted into on the understanding that Magical Views Limited is not liable for any missed diagnoses or misdiagnoses of any kind.

I have read and understood this consent form and understand the risks and benefits of the scan. By checking this box and attending for my scan I am giving my consent to the examination. I am aware that I can withdraw my consent at any time, even after the scan has begun.