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Our technology

Magical Views Ltd use top of the range technology to obtain the clearest possible picture of your baby.

We have recently invested in the current market leading technology, we can scan in regular 3D and 4D, and HD live, to give you the highest quality images of your baby. We use Tricefy technology with all our scans. This means we can send your images straight to your device in real time, using just your phone number or email address. No outdated technology here, no messing around with DVD’s, memory sticks or CD Roms. (Unless you want them as gifts etc – memory sticks can be provided for a nominal fee.)




There are many factors that can affect the clarity of the scan. These include maternal BMI, your tissue density, any overlying fetal parts, multiple pregnancy and fetal position to name but a few. We will always strive to give you the clearest views of your baby and the best possible images to take away. However you are paying for our time and use of the facilities, we cannot guarantee that the images will be of a certain minimum quality. We do not have control over nature and sometimes a baby will not be co-operative! If the Sonographer feels you would benefit from a second attempt we will book you a rescan on another occasion which will be free of charge. This is at the Sonographers discretion. In many cases the advancing gestation will only make image quality worse and not better. Please note, refunds will not be given on the basis of poor image quality.