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Scan Purpose

Magical Views LTD is a provider of private non diagnostic obstetric ultrasound scans.  Our aim is to provide families with the pleasure and privilege of seeing your unborn baby. We are exclusively staffed by Sonographers who hold advanced UK qualifications in Obstetric ultrasound. All have many years experience of providing obstetric ultrasound scans. The sonographers are not looking for medical abnormalities, and do not make any diagnoses. However we may from time to time be concerned by something we see on scan. If a sonographer is concerned by anything they see on the scan they will inform you of their concerns and make recommendations for your follow up. If available, we will try to contact your pregnancy care practitioners on your behalf. You will always be treated with kindness, dignity and respect. We will provide a written report describing our findings. Please be aware that in no circumstances does this constitute a diagnosis of any kind.

Image quality

Magical Views Ltd use top of the range technology to obtain the clearest possible picture of your baby. There are many factors that can affect the clarity of the scan. These include maternal BMI, your tissue density, any overlying fetal parts, multiple pregnancy and fetal position to name but a few. We will always strive to give you the clearest views of your baby and the best possible images to take away. However you are paying for our time and use of the facilities, we cannot guarantee that the images will be of a certain minimum quality. We do not have control over nature and sometimes a baby will not be co-operative! If the Sonographer feels you would benefit from a second attempt we will book you a rescan on another occasion which will be free of charge. This is at the Sonographers discretion. In many cases the advancing gestation will only make image quality worse and not better. Please note, refunds will not be given on the basis of poor image quality.

Multiple Pregancy

Are you expecting twins? Double congratulations to you! We are happy to scan multiples of any order here at magical views, twins, triplets or quads! 😱 . For our gender reveal and reassurance packages there is a surcharge of £30. However, if you’re considering a 3D/4D scan we think its only fair to warn you, double babies are double trouble! The image quality is often substantially worse with multiple pregnancies in 3D/4D. We ask you to please consider calling us or popping in to see us first. We can discuss what gestation would be most appropriate for you and whether the position of the babies is suitable or not. There is a £40 surcharge for 3D/4D multiple pregnancy scans.


In most cases establishing the gender, i.e. whether a baby appears to be male or female, is a straightforward process. When assessing the fetal gender we are limited to looking at the babies physical appearance. We cannot make any assessment of its genetic gender (i.e. its chromosomes). Normally there is no difference between a babies outward appearances and its genetic gender but these discrepancies have been known to happen, and therefore no fetal gender scan is 100%.

Ultrasound safety

Ultrasound has been widely used in obstetrics for many decades and there is no evidence of any harm ever being caused by its use. The British Medical Ultrasound society has produced some safe use guidelines which we at magical views will follow. This guidance sets limits on the amount of time we will scan you for. We will also follow the ALARA principle which means that we keep the scan time as short as reasonably achievable to meet the goal of the scan. In this case the goal of the scan is to provide you with a bonding experience. For further information on the safety of Ultrasound please view the following government advice. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/ultrasound-what-it-is-how-it-works-and-the-impact-of-exposure/ultrasound-what-it-is-how-it-works-and-impact-of-exposure. You may also ask your sonographer who is fully trained in the safety of ultrasound and can answer your questions for you on this matter.


Our aim is to provide our customers with the best possible experience. We welcome your feedback and are always looking to make improvements to our service based on your recommendations. Please feel free to contact us on feedback@magical-views.co.uk. We will send you a follow up email after your scan. This is not for marketing purposes but solely to seek your opinion on the service we have provided. Please complete if you are able, your views really are important to us.


Consent is a really important issue to us at Magical Views. We will only every provide you a service with your obvious consent. This means that we will provide you with the terms and conditions at the time of booking the scan. Please take some time to read them. You will then be required to tick a box giving your consent to the scan. If you do this, and attend for your scan, we will assume this means you are happy to go ahead. If we need to offer you any further services we will explain them to you and ask you to consent. Please be aware that you may withdraw your consent for any service at any time, even after the scan has begun.