About Us

Magical Views is a sonographer led private ultrasound clinic,
the founder is a sonographer who has over 16 years experience within the NHS.

We are fully insured and registered with the CQC. All of our highly qualified staff have passed enhanced DBS checks and hold UK qualifications.

At Magical Views we are proud supporters of the NHS, however we understand that people are wanting more from their scans than what the NHS is able to provide.

We want to help you make your visit something that you will remember forever.

We see that people want more from their ultrasound scan than the NHS is able to provide. We know that your local hospital may not be willing to provide gender information. They may not have the time to fully devote to showing you your baby. You may have had a perfectly adequate scan in the NHS and be reassured that there are no physical problems with the baby, but felt that the ‘magic’ was missing.

This is where we step in! We have a brand new high tech clinic with top of the range equipment. We want to welcome you so that you can experience all of the joy of seeing your newest addition to the family, without the rigidity that you may have experience in the NHS. You can book your appointment at a time to suit you, and bring your loved ones, including children, with you to share the happiness.

Our sonographers are not only highly qualified, they also understand and appreciate the privilege of sharing this precious moment with you. We want you to be swept up in the excitement and anticipation of expecting a baby, and will never forget that while this may be our job day in day out (aren’t we lucky!), that for you this may be a once in a lifetime experience. We can provide you with heartbeat bears to record that magical moment of hearing your babies heart beating while still in the womb. If you are interested, we can help you with your gender reveal supplies.