Please attend 5 minutes prior to your appointment. You will be asked to complete a consent form prior to the start of the scan. We will book you in and explain the procedure and run through our clinic rules. This is also the time where any payments outstanding will be taken.

A staff member will also ask you if you have any special requirements, for example if you are attending for a Gender scan we will always ask if you would like us to keep your baby’s gender a secret. We can write it down for you and put it into an envelope. You may bring up to 4 guests to your scan, this can include children. Please feel free to look around our gift shop whilst you wait to be taken through. If you are attending for an Early health check we always ask for you to attend with a full bladder.

If you are attending an Early health check scan, you may be offered a Trans Vaginal scan. This is totally optional and you can refuse. If you chode to go ahead another Consent form will need to be completed prior to the procedure.

If you are visiting us for an Early health check or Gender scan, we ask that you please attend your appointment with a Full bladder. We recommend drinking four eight-ounce glasses (960 ml total) of water or juice 75 minutes before the exam. Please refrain from emptying your bladder if you can help it! We know for pregnant women this is easier said than done.

Double trouble…Congratulations! We are more than happy to scan multiples here at Magical Views. Twins, Triplets or Quads!

If you are booking for a reassurance or Gender reveal package there is a surcharge of £30, However, if you’re considering a 3D/4D scan we think its only fair to warn you, double babies are double trouble! The image Quality with multiples can be substantially worse when scanning in 3/4D. We ask if you would consider calling us before booking online, we can always get you in and do a quick check to see whether the position of the babies is suitable or not before you go ahead and purchase one of our packages. There is also a surcharge of £40 for 3D/4D multiple pregnancies.


Yes, please bring your pregnancy notes with you. Whether these are paper documents or accessed through an App.

We may not need to view them but if your pregnancy is already classed as high risk or the sonographer becomes concerned with your scan findings, they will help us to provide the best possible care plan possible.


Yes! We welcome your friends and family and want you to be able to share this magical experience with them. We politely request that you bring a Maximum of 4 Guests along with you, as this is the maximum of people that will comfortably fit within our scanning room. This number can include Children, we have a small children’s play station in reception. Please note please ensure that each member of your party is not showing any signs of Covid-19 and that they have not tested positive in the last 7 days. For more Information please click here.

We will shown you into the scan room if you have quests joining you they will be seated and time given for everyone to get comfortable. All scans will require you to lay down on our Medical couch. We will need access to your abdomen. We recommend wearing a two piece rather than a dress as this gives the Sonographer easier access to perform the scan. We will tuck a small piece of tissue into your waistband to protect your clothing. The sonographer will apply a small amount of Ultrasound gel over the top of your stomach and will apply a small amount of firm pressure using a probe to enable an image to appear on the TV. For the majority of women this procedure is not uncomfortable. The Ultrasound gel is water based, non irritating and non sensitising. The Sonographer will talk you through the scan step by step and will explain her findings to you as well as recording it in a medical report. We will endeavour to answer any questions you may have during your scan, As well as allowing you to see your baby on the big screen.

See our what to expect page for more info

This will vary with each scan package, it can also depend on position of baby and image quality caused by High BMI. Please note Scan times are stated on or website, they do not last the full time of your selected Appointment time. With every appointment booked this will include, Checking in time, consent form signing, the actual scan then image selection and collection of goods from reception.

Ultrasound has been widely used in obstetrics for many decades and there is no scientific evidence of any harm ever being caused by this. The British Medical Ultrasound Society( BMUS) has produced some safe guidelines which we at Magical Views will follow. The guidance sets limits on the amount of time we will scan you for. We will also follow the ALARA principle which means that we keep the scan time as short as reasonably achievable to meet the goal of the scan. In this case the goal of the scan is to provide you with a bonding experience. Ultrasound scanning techniques do not use radiation, which means that they have no harmful side effects and are considered safe. For further information on the safety of Ultrasound Please click here for more government guidance. You may also ask your sonographer who is fully trained in the safety of ultrasound and will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Yes! The scans at Magical Views Ltd are different to the ones performed in the NHS and do not replace any part of your care. Please keep all of your NHS antenatal appointments including your scans

It may be necessary to use a transvaginal ultrasound to examine the following internal organs:

  • vagina
  • cervix
  • uterus
  • fallopian tubes
  • ovaries

The Sonographer may also recommend that some pregnant women have a transvaginal ultrasound as it can be helpful for:

  • Checking the heartbeat of the fetus
  • Confirming the date of pregnancy
  • Assessing the condition of the placenta
  • Checking for ectopic pregnancy
  • Monitoring pregnancies with a higher risk of miscarriage.

It may be offered if the pregnancy sack or its contents are too small to see over the top of the tummy.

The transducer resembles a wand in shape and is slightly larger than a tampon. The sonographer will cover the transducer with a condom and lubricating gel before inserting it into the vagina.

The images that the transducer captures will display immediately on the screen, making it possible for the sonographer and individual to monitor the examination process in real time.

Ultrasound scanning techniques do not use radiation, which means that they have no harmful side effects and are very safe. If you require any more information please call us and we can talk you through the procedure.

Please note you can decline to have an Internal scan and we will simply book you back in for a complimentary re scan at a later date should you wish.