Health check plus growth

Health Check
Plus Growth

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health check
plus growth

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This Scan allows the sonographer to check the size and position of baby, including the water surrounding the baby as well as basic Fetal anatomy checks. It will include a placenta position check and a medical report. This scan is for ladies in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

26 weeks plus. Please note, not all abnormalities are detectable on ultrasound and some are not detectable until later on in pregnancy.

It would be helpful if you could attend your appointment with your current pregnancy notes.

  • – Scan time 10 minutes
  • – This scan is performed from 26-42 weeks gestation
  • – Detailed Medical Report
  • – Maximum of 4 Guests may attend your scan, this can include children
  • – A minimum of 3 x Black and white scan prints will be printed off  on the day of your scan
  • – A minimum of 3x Images sent through to our FREE image sharing App Tricefy
  • – Includes check of fetal presentation & fetal location
  • – A fully qualified chaperone will be present during your scan

Magical Views Ltd will require you to sign a consent form prior to your scan. If our Sonographer  is concerned by the scan findings you will be referred to your Pregnancy provider/NHS.

Early gestations are more likely to be inconclusive and may require an internal scan to be performed. If you have a high BMI this may affect image quality, please consider booking between 7-8 weeks gestation.

A free scan will be arranged if the sonographer feels it is appropriate, it will not be the same day. If on return the image quality is still poor, we are unable to offer a refund for scan costs as the price of the package includes, use of clinics facilities, appointment slot and the sonographers time and expertise, as well as use of the Ultrasound scan machine and equipment.